Prospective Students

IMG_0024The Liveheart Ministry facility is made up of several individual residences. A newly restored grand mansion, located at 1645 the Alameda since 1925 is the main building and offices where Liveheart Church groups and events are held.  A second residence joined by a common courtyard is the home of Liveheart Apprentices. This beautiful home has been redesigned to meet the needs of a full-time apprenticeship residency.

Adjacent to the Apprentice housing is a state-of-the-art fitness studio, designed for the fitness element of the Apprentice program and Liveheart Fitness Classes. Our facilities also include several beautiful outdoor areas with amenities like fountains, fire pit, picnic tables, pool and ping pong garage and more. Our unique location is in the middle of the City of San Jose, in close proximity to Santa Clara University, the SAP Center, downtown, San Jose State University, the Rose Garden and Santana Row.

photoLiveheart Apprentice applicants must complete the Housing Request Form on Page 10 of the Application and submit it along with your Apprentice Application. Apprentices are required to sign the housing contract and must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Liveheart. The Apprentice IMG_1864Housing is double occupancy with one room holding up to four persons. It is a bi-level home, dividing male and female sections into two separate floors. Pastors Steve and Jan Wilson are the Program Directors, also residing at the Liveheart Facility.

Click the link for a Liveheart Apprentice Application: 1st Year Apprentice Application