In September of 2012 a new adventure began and its name is Liveheart. Pastors Steve and Jan Wilson led a team of dedicated people through a difficult change. It was time to take an established church of 50+ years and bring it to a close so God could birth something new. Christian Community Church, formerly located on McLaughlin Avenue on the east side of San Jose had been home to many ministries over many decades. Missionaries were sent, schools developed, teaching, training, pastoring and serving the community were just some of the many components of ministry. During the last two decades of CCC, many changes took place in the community and church. There was a shifting taking place in the hearts of the pastors as they observed changes in the new generation.

Watching young adults leaving The Church all over the nation brought some sobering realities into focus. The Church just isn’t cutting it. There are offenses and hurts, disillusionment and lack of interest. Everything Steve and Jan had always believed and desired since their early years in Youth Ministry was fading away. For some, church is like a non-issue—irrelevant. The world has changed and the Church needs to wake up. It is time for positive change. Religion has become a dirty word. A new way of relating must come. God help us!

God began to develop a father’s heart in Steve like never before. The passage in John’s gospel where Jesus had to explain if they had seen Him, they had seen the Father stood out. A need to represent the Father’s heart became a new cry inside of Steve. The Liveheart vision was coming into focus. We needed to sell the old property and move to a place where the youth are. It needs to be a multi-ethnic community where English-speaking is primary. The idea of finding an old mansion as a hub of ministry and meeting in a mobile location on Sundays was born. For years, Steve was a bi-vocational Pastor, working at the YMCA as a trainer/director. When we found our present ministry site, a remodeled old mansion on the Alameda, it was just one block from the “Y” and near the center of the City. A couple of miles from our Ministry Campus is a beautiful outdoor shopping area, Santana Row.

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We know God opened a door for us in the Cinemark Theatre where we hold Sunday Services every week. Steve knew the way to reach a new generation would have to be relationship in a non-threatening, unreligious setting. He could envision apprentices living in one of the residences located on our ministry site. This vision to raise young people from disciples to leaders would require a deeper commitment on the Wilson’s part. They recently moved onto the ministry site so the relationship and oversight of the apprentices would be a true priority and calling.

The Fall of 2014 marks the beginning of the Liveheart Apprenticeship program. God is continuing to develop Liveheart Church in this new and exciting location. We know God has led us and believe if you are to be a Liveheart Apprentice, it will be because God has given you a heart for your own generation and the tools you need will be developed as we launch this exciting ministry together.