Campus Life

Life as a Liveheart Apprentice will be exciting, challenging and stretching. Living together in the Apprentice House means making friends who become your brothers and sisters. The kind of relationship that takes place when you share meals and fight over the bathroom is just what it takes to bond and create a team. We will hike to Mission Peak, serve the community, build Liveheart Church with our gifts, talents and energy and travel together in ministry.

lightstock_62332_xsmall_user_3822760Every day there will be powerful and peaceful morning prayer. This prophetic atmosphere will teach you to connect and hear from God for your personal life and future. You will learn how to intercede for your generation and the Church. Healing will take place during these precious times together. You will learn to pray.



Our exercise studio is going to be a place where stuff gets worked out. Certified Personal Trainer, Pastor Steve, will lead you in learning how to become healthy physically, spiritually and emotionally with daily exercise that changes how we function and think about wholeness.


Online Bible College Classes will be the foundation of study for this program, building faith and providing life-changing instruction. The format is easy to follow and excellent. In addition to these classes, other practical areas lightstock_106679_xsmall_user_3822760will be covered by leaders of Liveheart. You will learn how to balance a checkbook, delve into aspects of worship, plan outreaches for the church and community and learn how to prepare a message for a missions trip.

We wish to provide a well-rounded life experience in a nine-month span. It will not just be book instruction, but impartation of wisdom for living your best life in Jesus. Living together will be like a greenhouse for growing and healing relationships. Our talks together will focus on the questions you have and the concerns you face. The Holy Spirit will bring the Bible to life and you will learn how to find God’s will and let go of unhealthy baggage through Spirit-filled times of prayer and discussion with leaders who know how to persevere and love.

Every apprentice will work part-time to provide a means of support for this program and to keep in contact with the world we are created to reach.