Liveheart Apprenticeship was born out of our desire to invite a new generation into an authentic relationship with Jesus and His Church. Jesus developed his disciples by living, training, eating and ministering with them. They learned from him as they walked together in relationship. When he fed the five thousand, guess who passed out the baskets? Hands-on ministry is the example we see in their lives, and it is still a great way to influence a generation who want to know God in a very real and personal way.

Liveheart Apprentices will learn how to develop a relationship with Jesus through the study of His Word and meaningful prayer, interacting with pastors and leaders who are committed to walk through life’s challenging questions together. Apprentices will commit to online Bible instruction, as well as, hands-on ministry in Liveheart Church, community outreach and even foreign mission trips. The environment feels like home, but the vision is as large as a calling to the Nations. Do you want to develop leadership skills? Are you willing to commit a year of your life to fulfill a destiny in God you didn’t know was possible? Prayerfully consider Liveheart Apprenticeship. It could be just what you need—and even what you want.  We are praying for you, too!

Pastors Steve and Jan Wilson

“Keep putting into practice all you learned from me and heard from me and saw me doing, and the God of peace will be with you.”  Philippians 4:9


Liveheart Apprenticeship is a 2-year training ministry holding to a progressive training strategy, with the second year building upon the foundation of the previous one.


The first year Apprenticeship is a time to lay a solid foundation in the Word of God and successful Christian living. It is an opportunity to be exposed to a wide array of training opportunities within the local church. As a first year apprentice, you will have the opportunity to participate in various Liveheart ministries, service opportunities within the community and a possible local or foreign mission trip.


The second year builds upon the first with more specific teaching and increased leadership responsibility. As a second year Apprentice, you will be developing your leadership as a point person in one of Liveheart’s ministries. You will also assist in leadership roles within Liveheart groups, and serve through Liveheart Ministries. You will also participate in a local or international mission trip.


The core classes offered at Liveheart Apprenticeship are Portland Bible College (PBC) extension courses taught online by PBC instructors, or locally by our own instructors.

Apprentices who complete the PBC classes will receive PBC degree credits. PBC has exempt degree-granting status in Oregon and Washington and grants Theological and Church Ministry degrees at the Associate and Baccalaureate levels to its graduates. Transcript requests and further inquiries regarding courses or coursework may be made directly to the Portland Bible College offices at 503 255-3540. (www.portlandbiblecollege.org)

Liveheart Apprenticeship follows an academic year cycle, September through the last week of May. This schedule is subject to change.

Pastor Steve Wilson
Apprenticeship Director
Pastor Jan Wilson
Associate Pastor